KFS Basics FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions. Click any question to expand the answer.

  • Only Employees with active appointments in UCPath can access KFS. This includes Contingent Workers and Students who are active Employees. Students who do not have an active appointment in UCPath cannot access KFS.
  • Before you can log into KFS, you will need to have a UCINetID and password.
  • If accessing KFS from off-campus VPN Software is required (even if only approving a document). WebVPN doesn't work due to the OIT VPN vendor.
    • The VPN software is accessible on a phone or tablet (VPN app) as well as a computer.
    • If you need help with VPN setup, the OIT has a page with instructions on Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Depending on job duties, additional access (roles) may be required. Most roles can be granted to you by your Department Security Administrator (DSA). If you are unsure who your DSA is, please check with your department manager.

More purchasing information can be found on Procurement's website. Procurement-related questions can be sent to: procurement@uci.edu.

When a UCI employee needs to be reimbursed for Event or Travel expenses, the employee and the Arranger preparing the document must have a TEM Profile. The following guides, links, and FAQ's will help you create and edit TEM profiles

Anyone who processes transactional eDocuments in KFS should be familiar with UCI's Chart of Accounts structure.

If you have questions about which object codes or accounts to use, please contact your department's financial staff.

Employees’ Work addresses should be corrected in UCPath. Additionally, the Department's Director Coordinator (directory.uci.edu) should also update the employee’s address.

General Financial Management questions should be directed toward the Chief Financial Officer(s)/Fiscal Officers of your unit/department, as there may be specific unit/department policies relating to your financial operations.

  • The KFS help desk is available to help with functional and navigational questions.
  • For Travel Policy questions, please contact Travel Accounting.
  • Questions regarding onboarding a vendor can be sent to the Kuali Vendor Onboarding Coordinator.
  • For help with Requisitions, UCIBuy, and PO Amends Central Purchasing has a help desk.