KFS Document Search

The Doc Search button is located in the KFS Tools portlet. Click this link to access the Document Lookup form, where you can enter criteria to search for an eDoc that you want to view or work with.


From KFS Home Page

In the KFS homepage, the Doc Search button is located in side menu.


Basic Search


  • Type: Document Type. Enter the document type or click the lookup icon to select it from the Document Type lookup page.
  • Initiator: UCINetID of the document initiator. Enter the user UCINetID or click the lookup icon to select it from the Person lookup page.
  • Document/Notification ID: Enter the numeric document ID assigned by the system.
  • Date Created From/To: Enter or select from the Calendar (date selector) the range of document creation dates to search. You can select the From date only, the To date only, or both.
  • Name this search: To save the search criteria for future use, enter a name for the search. All saved searches can be accessed via a list at the top of the document search screen.


Once a search name is entered and the search or enter key are selected the saved search will appear in the Searches drop down.


Detailed Search

The Document Lookup screen also offers a Detailed Search option, which enables you to specify a greater amount of search criteria. This can be especially useful when a basic search is yielding an excessive number of results. The more search criteria you specify, the more you will filter the results.



Custom Document Search

Custom document searches enable you to search for specific types of eDocs based on attributes of the transactions, primary key data elements, or both. Additional fields, specific to different Kuali modules, are available in custom document searches. Some examples of custom document searches are travel reimbursements, purchase orders, and requisitions. Special access may be required to work with some of the eDocs found through custom document searches.


When you choose one of the Custom Document Searches, the system will display a Document Lookup form that contains a few added fields and other changes to accommodate the type of search you selected.


In the KFS homepage, select the More Items link, then Custom Document Search.



Exporting KFS Search Results

At the bottom of every KFS Lookup and Document Search users have the option to export their search results into a CSV, Excel, or XML file.