Who can Access KFS and Common Roles?

Only Employees with active appointments in UCPath can access KFS. This includes Contingent Workers and Students who are active Employees. Students who do not have an active appointment in UCPath cannot access KFS.

Depending on job duties, additional access (roles) may be required. Most roles can be granted to you by your Department Security Administrator (DSA). If you are unsure who your DSA is, please check with your department manager.

Roles You Might Need

Travel, Event, and Relocation Reimbursements

  • TEM Organization Profile Arranger (TEM10009): Allows users to prepare Travel and Event reimbursements for employees.
  • The optional Accounting Reviewer (for Approval) role creates an additional workflow step on an eDoc after the Fiscal Officer for additional approval. This role can only be used for TEM, DV, and GEC. The Accounting Reviewer role may not be used with any other type of KFS document.


  • Only Employees with active appointments in UCPath can access UCIBuy and the ability to create requisitions. This includes Contingent Workers and Students who are active Employees.
    • Students who are not employees will not have access to KFS or UCIBuy.
  • User role (54) is required in order to initiate a Purchase Order Amend.


  • Organization Reconciler (10325) for DV & TEM Transactions (TT): Allows users to view Disbursement Vouchers, Entertainment Reimbursements, and Travel Reimbursements for their organization created by other users.


Access granted in KSAMS by DSA:

  • User (54): This is the most basic and most requested role. This role allows users to receive approval requests, access some Financial Lookups, basic financial eDocs, Travel or Purchasing Card Applications, and Purchase Order Amends.
    • When adding a User (54), it is recommended to leave all qualifiers blank so it assigns the default ‘user’ access throughout the system.
  • Chart of Accounts Maintenance User (10578): Allows users to edit and create accounts and other Full Accounting Unit (FAU) Attributes.
  • KFS Decision Support Report Viewer: Allows users to view Decision Support Reports.

Access Granted in KFS:

  • Fiscal Officer: The Fiscal Officer is responsible for approving day-to-day activity on an account.
  • Fiscal Officer Primary Delegate: A Primary Delegate Role is recommended for departments whose Fiscal Officer will be on extended leave. When a Primary Delegate is assigned, the items will not route to the Fiscal Officer's Action List, only to the Primary Delegate.
  • Fiscal Officer Secondary Delegate: A Secondary Delegate is recommended for all departments. When a Secondary Delegate is assigned, both the Fiscal Officer and the Secondary Delegate can see the Fiscal Officer’s action list items that the Secondary Delegate has access to. This will reduce delays in processing eDocs when the Fiscal Officer is out short term.

It's important to ensure a backup is in place for the Fiscal Officer and other roles. Nothing routes retroactively in KFS. If documents route to a Fiscal Officer who has left their department, a new document will have to be created after a new Fiscal Officer is set up. If a delegate is already set up, the document can be approved without delay.

Travel and Event Reimbursements

  • All UCI employees who are responsible for initiating travel or event reimbursements must create a TEM profile and be assigned as an arranger for all UCI employees that they are reimbursing, who must have also set up a TEM profile.

Other Reimbursements

  • Reimbursements that are not related to travel or an event can be processed using a Disbursement Voucher. TEM profiles are not required for Disbursement Voucher reimbursements.

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