Understanding TEM Profiles and Arrangers

In the Kuali Financial System, each Employee traveler must create a Travel and Event Management (TEM) profile. TEM profiles contain basic biographical information, and travelers can add further information like default accounting lines, emergency contacts, and individual travel arrangers that are allowed to view and create your travel/event reimbursements.

Two Types of Travel Arrangers

Travel Arrangers can initiate travel reimbursements and other TEM documents in UCI’s financial system on the behalf of other users. They also have access to those employees' TEM profiles. There are two kinds of Travel Arrangers:

  • Individual Travel Arrangers

Individual Travel Arrangers can be manually added to your TEM Profile in the Arrangers tab. When you add an Individual Arranger, they—by default—have access to create TEM documents on your behalf regardless of what organization they belong to. Anyone who has access to a TEM Profile can add individual arrangers.

  • TEM Organization Profile Arrangers

TEM Organization Profile Arrangers are a Role that can be assigned to individuals in an organization via the Kuali Security Access Management System (KSAMS). Those that are assigned the role can access all existing TEM Profiles within a certain Organization (hierarchy based), without having to ask the travelers to add them as individual arrangers. TEM Organization (Org) Profile Arrangers can also access all profiles belonging to child organizations that report up to their organization (i.e., adding to Organization 8XXX, would also give you access to any 7XXX & 6XXX organizations that report directly up to 8XXX).

An Employee Payee's Primary KFS Financial Organization determines what TEM Org Profile Arrangers can see

Each TEM profile is tied to a an employee's Primary Financial Organization, which is derived from UCPath (it derives from the Org of their primary funding). If you are a TEM Org Profile Arranger, and can’t access a profile, it’s often because that traveler either hasn't created one, or has a different KFS Primary Organization that you don't have access to.

Note: If the person's Primary Financial Organization is wrong due to split-funding between departments, temporary employment, etc,, the Department Security Administrators (DSA) or the employee can request to override the default Primary Financial Organization ("Organization Override") by emailing oit@uci.edu with the name, UCInetID, and new primary org. If just a one-off access is needed for an individual arranger, though, it is recommended that the traveler simply add the individual to their TEM profile as an Individual Travel Arranger.

An Illustrated Example: The Anteater School of Eating Ants

See the example organization below. The Anteater School has two sub-organizations: the Dean's Office and Special Initiatives. Both of these organizations have TEM Org Profile Arrangers. Megan is the arranger for the Dean's Office. George is the arranger for Special Initiatives. Alex, Billy, and Scott are Travelers. They each have a TEM Profile. Ray has not yet created a TEM Profile.

example-org-tree.pngNotice the following things about the example above...

  • Employees Must Create a TEM Profile

Megan is the TEM Org Profile Arranger for the Dean's Office. She can see Alex and Billy's profile because both Alex and Billy are under the Dean's Office. Megan cannot add Ray to TEM e-documents because he does not have a TEM Profile.

  • TEM Org Profile Arrangers Limited by Primary KFS Organization

George is the TEM Org Profile Arranger for the Special Initiatives department. Even though he is a part of the Anteater School, he cannot access Alex or Billy's TEM Profiles because he is not the TEM Org Profile Arranger for their Primary KFS Organization. George can only access Scott's TEM Profile.

  • Access Descends Hierarchy

By default, when TEM Org Profile Arrangers are set up in KSAMS, 'Descends Hierarchy' is enabled, so even though George is assigned to Special Initiatives, he can see anyone under Research Projects because Research Projects reports to the Special Initiatives Organization.

  • Individual Travel Arrangers Unaffected by Organization

Megan can access Scott's profile because Scott has identified Megan as an Individual Arranger in his profile.

Use the TEM Profile Report

The TEM Profile Report shows all employees who have a TEM Profile, what organization they're assigned to, and the individual arrangers for that TEM Profile.

The TEM Profile Report is located under Chart of Accounts Lookups in the Decision Support portlet.