Vendor Onboarding User Guide with PaymentWorks

PaymentWorks is an easy-to-use web portal that allows campus organizations to invite businesses and individuals to complete an online onboarding process and become UCI vendors. 

Payment Works LogoSuppliers submit their identity and ACH banking information through the secure PaymentWorks website, where it is automatically verified against third-party data sources. Please see the pages listed in the navigation to the left to learn more about PaymentWorks. We recommend watching a recording of the most recent PaymentWorks training if you were unable to attend in person.

Help for Vendors

Are you a vendor looking for help registering with PaymentWorks? Click the button below for assistance. 

Download Vendor Guide to Onboarding

Process Map

Below is a process map to give you an overview of how PaymentWorks will be used to onboard vendors.

PaymentWorks process map showing the workflow of the sytem


Vendor Coordinator questions can be sent to