Fiscal Officer Delegates

Fiscal Officer Delegates can significantly impact the workflow of your KFS e-documents.

Fiscal Officer Delegates—sometimes called Account Delegates—are KFS users that are authorized under certain circumstances to take workflow actions on a document in the place of an account's Fiscal Officer. An authorized delegate can take any action that is available to a Fiscal Officer, including the power to approve and disapprove transactions. departments should set up delegates as backups for all accounts to avoid delaying the approval of documents when the fiscal officer is unable to take action.

How to Establish Fiscal Officer Delegates (Account Delegate)

Account Delegate is a role in which an individual is assigned by a Fiscal Officer to approve documents on their behalf. There are two ways to assign Account Delegates:

  1. Establish Delegate(s) for an individual Account (Instructions)
  2. Establish Delegate(s) for multiple Accounts (Instructions)

Things to Consider when the Accounting Reviewer is also the Fiscal Officer Delegate

The KFS system will assume you are approving for all responsibilities assigned to you, including delegation authority. This means, if you are approving a document with multiple accounts, you will also approve for all accounts where you are the Fiscal Officer delegate.

In addition, if you are the delegate for a Fiscal Officer, and the Accounting Reviewer for the particular organization in which the account belongs to, your approval will also count for the Accounting Reviewer role.