Workflows for Purchasing and Accounts Payable e-Documents

The workflows for the most common Purchasing and Accounts Payable e-documents are listed below. KFS users may also optionally choose to ad-hoc route any of these documents to additional individuals though this will extend the time it takes to process the transaction.

Disbursement Voucher (DV)

The Disbursement Voucher document is used to reimburse employees and nonemployees for expenses incurred while conducting university business and to pay other vendors for performing a service, or providing material goods for the university.

  • 1. Initiator - Any active faculty or staff can initiate
  • 2. Fiscal Officer - approves the eDoc
  • 3. Accounting Reviewer - This step is optional for FYI or Approve

Payment Request (PREQ)

The Payment Request document is created in response to receiving an invoice for goods or services requested from a vendor on a PO. This document is restricted to Central Accounts Payable.

  • 1. Accounts Payable or System Generated - The PREQ is generated when an invoice is recieved
  • 2. Fiscal Officer - approves the eDoc or FYI when under $10k

Procurement Card (PCDO)

The Procurement Card (PCDO) document is used to properly distribute procurement card expenses to the correct account number and object code. It is a reconciliation tool for the procurement card transactions.

  • 1. System Initiated - The PCDO is automatically generated by the system based on an electronic feed from the bank.
  • 2. Cardholder - receives an FYI
  • 3. Card Reconciler Group - approves the eDoc
  • 4. Fiscal Officer - approves the eDoc

Purchase Order (PO)

The approved Purchase Order document serves two purposes. Externally it is a legal contract with a vendor to deliver goods or services. Internally it provides the mechanism to generate documents for payments and receipt of goods.

  • 1. System Generated - This is created from an approved REQS
  • 2. Contract Manager - approves the eDoc

Purchase Order Amends (POA)

When you amend a PO, the system creates a PO Amend (POA) document based on the existing PO.

  • 1. Initiator - Must be Role 54 or Basic Financial User C&G
  • 2. Fiscal Officer - approves the eDoc
  • 3. Contract Manager - approves the eDoc

Requisition (REQS)

The Requisition document collects information about the desired items or services, possible vendors to fulfill the order, delivery instructions, contact information, and related accounting details. The approved Requisition document is used to generate the purchase order.

  • 1. Initiator - Any active faculty or staff can initiate
  • 2. Content Reviewer - This is Optional
  • 3. Fiscal Officer - approves the eDoc
  • 4. Commodity Reviewer - approves this step is dependent on specific items