The Fiscal Officer Role and Account Responsibility

Each account in KFS can have three different roles associated with it. Unlike other roles, which are granted via KSAMS, these three account roles are changed and recorded via the Account Maintenance or Account Global Documents. Each role is described below.

The Fiscal Officer Role

The Fiscal Officer role is an essential internal control at UCI and should be someone who can responsibly manage departmental financial resources.

The Fiscal Officer is responsible for approving day-to-day activity on an account. As a Fiscal Officer, you should review each transaction for accuracy and completeness, approving documents in a timely manner according to UCI and departmental best practices. The Fiscal Officer may have backup individuals or delegates called the Account Delegate.

Other Roles on an Account

These roles have no workflow approval responsibility:

  • Account Supervisor
    The Account Supervisor has very little workflow responsibility and is typically a high-level administrator who ensures that the account meets its university purpose. This can be the Dean, a Dean’s delegate, Director, or Organization Administrator. The Account Supervisor receives an FYI notification on all Account document changes.
  • Account Manager
    The Account Manager has no workflow responsibility and is primarily used for information purposes. It is recommended to populate the Principal Investigator for Contract and Grant accounts or the Fiscal Officer for non-Contract and Grant Accounts.

Changing Account Roles

Users can change the roles on an Account or multiple Accounts by using the Account Maintenance document or using the Account Global Document. It is generally recommended to use the Account Global Document to make changes to role assignments on Accounts, even for a single Account change.

Account Maintenance Document - Account Responsibility Tab

From the Account lookup, users can search for the Account they wish to edit, then click on the Edit link to the left of the Account in the results. They would need to edit the Fiscal Officer Principal Name field (UCInetID) in order to change or reassign someone else as the Fiscal Officer. Other fields can be edited in the same 'Edit' for the Account. (Information)

Account Global Document

The Account Global Document can be used to modify multiple Accounts or a single Account at once. In the Global Account Maintenance Tab, users would enter the UCInetIDs of the users they would like to fill in the Account roles. Users may manually enter in Accounts in the Edit List of Accounts tab, then select add, or click on the lookup magnified glass on the top right of the tab to search for a set of Accounts to edit. (Instructions)