Ad-Hoc Routing e-Documents in KFS

In KFS, Ad-hoc routing allows you to insert additional people into the default workflow process of your e-document. You can ad-hoc route using any of the three workflow actions: approve, acknowledge, or FYI.

Ad-hoc routing should be used carefully because ad-hoc approvers inserted into the routing interrupt the regular workflow process. For example, when a user initiates a financial document and ad-hoc routes it to another user for approval, the document first goes to the ad-hoc approver and waits in their Action List until they take an action. Only after that person has approved the document will it route to the fiscal officer.

When You Should Ad-Hoc Route a Document for Approval

To minimize delays, ad-hoc routing for approval should only be used in cases where an additional approver is needed to comply with UCI or department policy. The most common reason you might need to ad-hoc route for approval is when you need exceptional or addtional approval on a Travel and Event Management (TEM) document. Exceptional approval is needed for any exception to UCI's travel and entertainment guidelines. See Exceptional Approval for more information. Keep in mind, the user being ad-hoc routed for approval must have sufficient permissions to access the document (usually Basic Financial User 54, or C&G User 10035 in KSAMS).

There are several other reasons why you might need to ad-hoc route a document for approval. Below are some examples:

  • Your school or department has additional approval requirements beyond the basic approval process.
  • The Initiator of a document is the Fiscal Officer for the Account used. You can never approve your own transactions, but KFS doesn't know this. The system will actually automatically approve a document when the Fiscal Officer is also the initiator. You should use ad-hoc routing to avoid this.
  • The Fiscal Officer is also a delegate for another Fiscal Officer on a different account in the same transaction. If a transaction has two accounts, and the Fiscal Officer is also the delegate for the other account, the KFS system will automatically assume and approve for the other account. The other Fiscal Officer may want to approve on their account.

When to Ad-Hoc Route a Document for Acknowledge or FYI

In all other circumstances, you should ad-hoc route documents using the FYI or Acknowledge options. This is useful when you just want to give another user a heads up or keep them in the loop about a transaction. See the sidebar to the right to learn more about why this will save you time.