TEM Profile Report

This report is designed to help travelers and travel arrangers with TEM Profile processing. The TEM Profile Report is located under& Chart of Accounts Lookups in the Decision Support portlet.

Working with the Report

Updated once every night, the TEM Profile report lists all employees who have a TEM Profile by organization. You can search for any organization and see the UCInetIDs of everyone in that department who has a TEM profile. You can also search by UCInetID to learn what organization someone is part of. If you do not see someone’s UCInetID, they do not have a TEM Profile.

In addition, the report shows Individual Arrangers who have been added to each profile and all active travel cards (CTS or Corporate) currently assigned to each employee. TEM Org Profile Arrangers, who have access to all TEM eDocs for an organization, are not displayed in this report.

Tips for Understanding this Report

Sometimes a person’s Org Code may not be what you expect. Users should be aware that the organization assigned to each TEM Profile is pulled from the profile’s Primary KFS Org Code or the Primary KFS Org Override if it was overwritten. Finally, don’t forget that this report updates overnight, so changes won’t be reflected until the next day.