Recharge Review Analysis Tool

This Decision Support report replaces the Quantitative Analysis and answers key questions on users and fund source charged that are part of the Annual Recharge Report Template.

report is located in campus reports

Accessing Report

The report can be found under

  • General Ledger – Campus Reports > Recharge Review Report.

Running the Report

When you run the report, the prompt page will ask for the following information:

  • Fiscal Year – select the most recent closed Fiscal year
  • Period – select Period 13
  • Recharge Debit Object Code – enter the unique object code(s) assigned to your recharge activity
  • Recharge Operating Account – enter the account(s) used to track operating expenditures and income. If you post your income to the control account, be sure to enter the UCxxxxx control account as well.
  • Recharge Subsidy Account(s) – enter any accounts used to subsidize the recharge activity. If you do not track subsidy expenses in an account unique to your recharge activity, it is recommended that you do so for next year to simplify reporting.
  • Reserve Account – enter an equipment replacement reserve account that was established for your specific recharge unit. The equipment replacement reserve (account RRXXXXX) should be used to support the future replacement of expended assets needed for the recharge operation.

Reading the Report

Once you hit run, note that the report has four tabs at the top.

The first tab is a summary/signature page for that specific recharge facility. It includes all sources, expense activity and base budget. Please review the report to make sure it accurately represents your facility’s financial picture.

If your recharge activity did not use the correct object codes and/or accounts during the year, this report cannot be used. It will be necessary to separately calculate and complete the Quantitative Analysis and other key fields on the Annual Recharge Report Template.

See the sample below:

summary page

The second tab has detailed information in regards to income sources and expenses by consolidation codes:

summary tab 2

The third tab shows detail on charges to other units and to specific fund groups based on use of the debit object code. The expense distribution by unit being charged highlights any units with over 10% of sales. The expense distribution by fund source table highlights the % charged to Federal Contracts and Grants …

detail page

The fourth tab shows balance on the reserve account for this recharge unit:

detail page

Important: This report works only if the recharge unit has been using the assigned Debit object code and unique Operating, Subsidy accounts and Reserve account that are specific to the recharge activity.

For More Help

For assistance with the Recharge Review Analysis Tool, please contact