Frequently Asked Questions about Reports

Below are the answers to a few common questions about reporting. If you need more help, speak with your financial manager or contact the KFS Help Desk.

How do I know if the date of the most recent data update for Decision Support?

Subscribe to UCI-DWH for Decision Support and Datawarehouse updates. If there is any downtime with the Decision Support service, an email notification will be sent.

Data is refreshed every Monday-Friday. This means when you pull a report on Monday, it shows data as of last Friday night.

How do I download a report to a PDF or excel format?

In the report output, select the HTML page button to the left of "Add this Report". A dropdown menu should display with options to download the report in various formats.


How do I print reports when some pages print too small?

Some browsers (like Firefox) may open up PDFs using their own PDF plugin viewer which does not print properly. We recommend downloading the report, or configuring your browser to open the report in Adobe. See these instructions on configuring your browser to run with the Adobe plugin.

How do I get a list of Object Codes or Accounts?

Use the Chart of Accounts Inquiry. You can filter by organization for a list of Accounts and filter for only Expense Object Codes.