Principal Investigator (PI) Report Guide

The Principal Investigator (PI) Report is a financial projection tool that can be used by campus departments and Contracts & Grants financial analysts to anticipate future expenses and appropriations. This allows C&G Principal Investigators and Department finance staff to help monitor their funding balances throughout the life of the account, or through the end of the funding period. 

  • 7/26/23 Update:
    • Enhanced Search: You can now search for a PI using just the First or Last Name for a more flexible search experience.
    • Added Timestamp: We added a Month End Run timestamp on the home page for clarity.
    • Bug Fix on Excel Output: We identified and resolved an inconsistency within the Months Left column in the Excel output pertaining to non-salary one-time expenses.

Access to Report

Campus Users can access the PI Report system via ZotPortal. Be sure to login first! Go to:

  • ZotPortal > Faculty/Staff > Applications tab > My Applications portlet > My Applications list > Principal Investigator Report (KFS based).

The PI Report has been Refreshed!

Accounting and Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce that a completely refreshed version of the PI Report is now live and ready for use. OIT has rebuilt and refreshed the existing PI Report system with no loss in functionality so the campus can continue to use this system moving forward.

Information Session PowerPoint

PI Report Refresg Info PowerPoint

Key New Features

Read about the new features available in the rebuilt report. Click any of the links below to see a screenshot.

  • Added navigational improvements so users can jump to different screens
  • Consistent look and feel for all buttons on pages, button names, and error messages
  • Data load times for the general ledger and UCPath funding are shown on the front page
  • Select All button for the Generate Report screen.
  • Improved PI Report Salary & benefit integration with UC Path data.
    • Allow users to show (or hide) Future Funding, and there is a direct link to the Benefits details from the Salary subcategory page


    • Future Funding Indicator for the commitment entries set in the future
    • System calculated funding Projection End dates from UCPath data and more job details.
    • Clicking on an Employee Name in the benefits screen will navigate you back to the corresponding salary projections page.
    • Additional CBR Rate field calculation/integration with Job Code/Employee Class.
  • Pop-up tool tip icons to showcase when a note has been added to individual Projection Allocation Notes.


  • Added a Direct Link to Award Transaction Summary Report (Kuali Research) on Edit Projections page.


  • Added a direct link to the SubAward Transaction Summary report (Kuali Research) in Special Items (GENX) subsection


  • Minor formatting updates for Excel, PDF, and Word document types when report is printed/downloaded.

Thank you to those who participated in User testing the updated PI Report.

PI Report Support

General Financial Management questions should be directed toward the Chief Financial Officer(s)/Fiscal Officers of your unit/department, as there may be specific unit/department policies relating to your financial operations.

For general help with the PI Report, contact the KFS Helpdesk at

For technical assistance with the interface, contact the OIT Help Desk 949-824-2222 or