KFS General Error Correction (GEC)

The General Error Correction (GEC) document is used to correct inappropriate or erroneous accounting string data for General Ledger entries generated from other financial transactions. The GEC document should be used for the correction of actual errors on a ledger.

For example, if a Payment Request (PREQ) document is paid on an incorrect account, the General Error Correction (GEC) document can be used to move the expense to the correct account(s). The General Error Correction cannot correct Budget or Encumbrance entries.   However, the GEC is the primary tool departments can use to adjust their ledger for accounts, moving/split-funding transactions, or changing other reporting attributes.

General Error Correction Express (GECX)

The GECX (General Error Correction Express) is a limited-scope error correction document that works like the GEC, but only allows departments to correct internal department reporting fields. The GECX goes to final upon submission (express routing) because it does not touch central reporting fields.

If you need help ...

General Financial Management questions should be directed toward the Chief Financial Officer(s) of your unit or department, as there may be specific unit or department policies relating to your financial operations. If you have a system issue, contact kfs@uci.edu.


The GECX may be used to correct some feeder system GL entries that would otherwise be difficult to input. Example: UCPath GL entries can have sub-objects added with a GECX.

Reporting fields corrected using the GECX will not change the UCPath system or the DOPE report (KFS General Ledger will not match the DOPE report/UCPath).

For most error correction needs, departments would use the regular General Error Correction (GEC) document.

The Accounting Period Dropdownis not available when processing a GECX. Posting entries back during the first five working days of the month must be done using a GEC.

Correction Entries Allowed GEC GECX
Chart Yes No
Change Accounting Period Yes No
Account Yes No
Sub-Account Yes Yes
Object Code Yes No
Sub-Object Yes Yes
Project Code
Yes Yes
Org Ref ID Yes Yes
Prior Fiscal Year Entries C&G Only No
C&G Accounts Yes No
Feeder System Entries Yes Dept. attributes only
Capital Asset/Equipment Yes No
UCPath Sub-Acct, Sub Object No/select benefits Yes - Dept. attributes