Sub Fund Group Types and Funds

Sub Fund Groups Type

The Sub-Fund Group Type is an attribute of a Sub-Fund Group that can be used to further categorize Sub-Funds Groups. Irvine KFS Accounts will begin with the Sub-Fund Group Type Code then a set of numbers following it. Below is the list of Sub-Fund Group Type Codes:

Sub-Fund Group Type Code Sub-Fund Group Type Description
AF Agency Funds
BF Balancing Funds & Encumbrance Control
CF Current Funds
CT Clinical Trials
EI Endowment Funds Income
EN Endowment Principal
EP Endowment Funds Principal Appropriated
FA Federal Government - Appropriations
FC Federal Government - Contracts
FG Federal Government - Grants
GF State General Funds
GS General Fund Specific State Appro
GU UC General Funds
IP Investment in Plant
LC Local Governments
LF Federal/University Matching Loan Fund
LN University Loan Fund
MM Medical Center Memo Only
OS Other Sources
OT Allow Doubtful Accounts
PC Private Contracts-Restricted
PF Unexpended Plant Federal Sponsored
PG Private Grants-Restricted
PL Unexpended Plant Funds
PN Unexpended Plant Non-Federal Sponsored
PR Private Gifts-Restricted
PU Private Gifts-Unrestricted
RE Reserves
RI Retirement of Indebtedness
RM Reserve for Minority Interest
RR Reserves for Renewal and Replacement
SA Sales & Service Auxiliary Enterprises
SE Service Enterprises
SF Student Tuition & Fees
SM Sales & Service-Teaching Hospitals
SP Special State Appropriations
SS Sales & Service
ST State of California, State Agencies
UR UC Retirement System (UCRS)
US United States Government


A fund is a set of accounts segregated for specific purposes in accordance with laws and regulations. Funds are a five-digit code that represents a funding source. The fund is represented as an attribute of an Account.

UC Fund Number UC Fund Name Sub-Fund Group Type
21685 D/NSF DMS-1044150 FOREMAN J53.0 4/16 FG
19900 General Funds GF