UC Fund Blocks

Higher education institutions like UCI use Fund Accounting to track resources whose use has been limited by the donor, grant authority, governing agency, or other individuals or organizations or by law.

In the Kuali Financial System, each account has an attribute called UC Fund, which is the five-digit code representing the account's funding source. The table below shows the relationship between a UC Fund number and its source.

UC Fund Numbers and Sources

UC Fund Number Source
04000-095XX Endowment Funds (Principal)
18XXX-18999 State Of California*
199XX General Funds
20000-20399 Student Fees
20501-20599 State Of California*
20600-20999 Local Governments*
21000-28999 Federal Government*
29000-33999 Public Health Service*
34100-39799 Endowment Income
39800-39999 Private Gifts, Grants, Contracts – Unrestricted*
40000-58999 Private Gifts, Grants, Contracts – Restricted*
59000-59999 Private Contracts*
60000-62999 Sales And Services of Educational Activities
63000-63999 Sales And Services of Teaching Hospitals
64000-65999 Sales And Services of Educational Activities
66000-66099 Sales And Services of Service Enterprises
66100-69999 Other Sources
70000-74999 Sales And Services of Auxiliary Enterprises
75000-76999 Reserves
78XXX-79999 Private Gifts, Grants, Contracts – Restricted*
93000-94999 Endowment Funds

*indicates Contracts and Grants funds