Fiscal Year End Tools and Resources

Accounting & Fiscal Services has developed an array of help guides and support documentation for fiscal year-end close business processes. Below, we have linked to some of the most relevant and useful guides and tools.



General Guides

Online Tools and Reports

For general information about financial reports at UCI, see our helpful information about campus reports. And check out these useful reports and tools that have been created to make doing business at UCI easier than ever:

  • TEM Dashboard
    See reimbursements in your organization that are awaiting approval and view corporate card information.
  • Encumbrance Report
    See the Encumbrance guide for more details on how to manage encumbrances.
  • Award Balance Overview
    Principal Investigators can quickly see the financial standing of all of their active awards and projects with the Award Balance Overview (ABO) report.
  • Organization Account Status
    The Organization Account Status Report provides users with a quick-glance overview of account status by organization.
  • Monthly KFS Ledger Snapshots
    Snapshot Reports are saved for later viewing as PDF files and broken out by organization.