TRS Resources for Supervisors

Supervisors also play an important role in ensuring our employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner each pay period. There are three trypes of Supervisors in TRS: Primary, Backup, and Optional Backup.

A Primary Supervisor is assigned to an employee by a Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) and is the person directly responsible for overseeing the employee's work schedule, making sure the hours reported by the employee are accurate. Primary Supervisors are also responsible for approving timesheets submitted by the employees to whom they are assigned in TRS.

A Backup Supervisor is assigned by a DTA and oversees an employee's work schedule and approves the employee's timesheets in the absence of the Primary Supervisor. An Optional Backup Supervisor can be also be assigned by a DTA to oversee/approve in the absence of both the Primary and Backup Supervisors.

The resources below are intended for TRS Supervisors are categorized as Reference Guides, Job Aids, and/or Other Resources.