New in KFS: General Error Correction Express (GECX)

Sent to AFS-Update on Sept. 18, 2023

The Kuali Financial System Team rolled out a new type of eDoc this weekend. The GECX is a limited-scope error correction document that works like the General Error Correction (GEC) but only allows you to modify fields used for internal department reporting. The following fields can be corrected with a GECX:

  • Sub-Account
  • Sub-Object
  • Project Code
  • Org Ref ID

Why use the GECX? The GECX features express routing, which means it becomes final upon submission with only FYIs to fiscal officers. Express routing is allowable because the GECX does not touch central office official reporting fields. 

What is the GECX Used For?

The standard GEC will still be your main tool for most corrections, but the GECX can be used whenever you need to quickly add or change the department reporting fields listed above. Fiscal officers may find the GECX particularly useful as a way to add projects, sub-accounts or sub-objects to General Ledger entries posted by feeder systems. For example, UCPath GL entries can have sub-objects added with a GECX. However, you should keep in mind that the entry only changes in KFS – data in the UCPath system or included in DOPE reports will not reflect the change.

When You Cannot Use the GECX: The GECX eDoc cannot be used to correct contract & grant accounts, prior fiscal year entries, or capital asset/equipment entries.

How Does it Work?

Creating a GECX works exactly like creating a General Error Correction ( GEC), but the General Error Correction Express is a new, separate document type appearing in menus. The GECX cannot be used to change Accounts or Object Codes from the GL. For this and most all error correction entries, units will continue to use the GEC for their error correction needs.

Remember to clear your browser cache or update your KFS navigation menu, to see the new document type. Please contact the KFS Help Desk if you have any issues working with the GEC.