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University of California, Irvine
Accounting and Fiscal Services
120 Theory, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92697-1050

The 120 Theory Building is located in the UCI Research Park.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

UCI Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships staff members are the experts on that topic and
can be contacted at 949-824-8262 or

Kuali Financial System Help

Ask your organization's financial expert or contact the KFS Help Desk at or 949-824-7001.

Payroll/Timesheet Help

Employees can find help at the Employee Experience Center (EEC) online or at 949-824-0500. Users can also check the Payroll Office website for a selection of help guides.


Accounting Staff Directory

The Accounting and Fiscal Services Department is a large unit composed of seven divisions, which administer many of UCI's essential financial functions. Each of these divisions may be further broken down into functional groups. Below is a listing of department staff listed by division and function.

Controller's Office

Name  Function Phone
Mary Ek Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller 949-824-9268
Barry Oh Associate Controller 949-824-1701
Dana Makiewicz Special Assistant to the Controller/Senior Project Manager 949-824-6568
Patrick Dutcher Communications Officer 949-824-6822
Demetria Pool Office Manager 949-824-1832
Open Position Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller 949-824-6816

Fax: 949-824-3267

Accounts Payable

Name Function Phone
Tanya Harris Manager 949-824-6788
Vendor Payments
Please send all invoices to
Moana Contreras
Vendor Payment Assistant Manager - wire transfers for approval / authorization, check cancellations / reissues, stop payments, refund checks, sales & use tax 949-824-5286
Donna Coulson Xerox, EDI and Vendors starting with letters A, B, C, D 949-824-6824
Carmen Elias Vendors starting with letters E, F, G, H, I 949-824-4512
Blanche (Hea Eun) Jang
Vendors starting with letters J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R 949-824-4175
Yesenia Barragan Vendors starting with letters S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, FedEx invoices 949-824-0312
Candy Tan
Plant accounting documents, sub-contracts, leases, utilities, PI cash advances, wire transfers with purchase orders 949-824-6823
Kimberly Peralta
Mail distribution, credit memo follow-up, returned checks 949-824-5138
Travel, Entertainment and Disbursements
Contact the Travel Team at For Moves and Relocation, Payroll Status: Contact Frank Say: 
Margaret Carreras Travel Assistant Manager - US Bank Corporate travel card administrator, Connexxus questions, travel website maintenance, Move & Relo - policy compliance 949-824-3662
Justin Pabian Travel & Entertainment Reimbursements, DV-disbursement vouchers, foreign wires for DV/TEM, UCI Corporate credit card administrator & reconciliation, hotel contracts & information 949-824-7623
Sarah R. Martinez
Entertainment & Travel Reimbursements (domestic travel), DV-disbursement vouchers, CTS card/travel questions/reconciliation/trainer
Arnold Gutierrez
Travel (international travel), DV-disbursement vouchers, Travel Authorization - cash advance/reconciliation, Move & Relo - policy compliance
Vendor Onboarding
Contact: for assistance
Lindsay Luke
Vendor Coordinator, Vendor Coordinator Help Desk 949-824-4164

Fax: 949-824-2098

Contracts and Grants Accounting

Name Function Phone
Beata Najman Director of Extramural Funds 949-824-0265
Accounting and Operations
Need help? Find the Accountant responsible for your award in KFS.
Gigi Bones C&G Manager 949-824-4168
Griselda Duran Accounting & Operations Manager 949-824-6828
Alice Han C&G Manager 949-824-4509
Carlos Gonzalez Accountant 949-824-2093
Vicky (Qianjing) Lu Accountant --
Rachel Nguyen
Accountant 949-824-5877
Johnny Ochoa Accountant 949-824-9239
Joey Saure Accountant 949-824-5507
Vivian Situ Accountant 949-824-6259
Dan Tran Accountant 949-824-5328
Toan Vuong Accountant 949-824-5508
Julia Yang Accountant 949-824-4505
Open Position Accountant
Open Position Accountant
Compliance and Training
Hanieh Abedini Compliance Officer 949-824-6894
Caroline Kim
Compliance Analyst

Fax: 949-824-3895

Costing Policy and Analysis

Name Function Phone
Open Position (Contact Barry Oh for assistance) Associate Director, Cost Accounting 949-824-3971


Financial Management Support

Name Function Phone
Need help with KFS? Contact the KFS Help Desk at or 949-824-7001.
Financial Management Business Support and Training
Melissa Lee Business Analyst 949-824-5017
Kelly Schoby Help Desk/Trainer 949-824-5308
Financial Management Technical Support and Reporting
Kevin Chung Manager 949-824-4429
Kitty Lin Accountant 949-824-8190
Benjamin Rodriguez Business Analyst 949-824-5529

Fax: 949-824-3267

Financial Services

Name Function Phone
Leslie Wolbers
Director 949-824-4687
Sharon Arnold SIS Accounts Receivable Business Analyst 949-824-0497
Khoa Ha Accountant 949-824-1940
Carmela Rodriguez Sr. Financial Analyst 949-824-8265
Payment Services
Open Position Assistant Director 949-824-6918
Lindsay Carroll Assistant Credit Card Coordinator 949-824-4657
Jennifer Olson Cashier Supervisor 949-824-3740
Sandy Olson Administrative Assistant 949-824-3740
Nicholas Troup Payment Card Specialist 949-824-6921
Reggie Urcia Payment Services Cashier 949-824-3740
Loan Services and Disbursements/Campus Billing
Julie Magana Manager of Campus Billing & Collections 949-824-4689
Debbie Alvarez Senior Collections Representative 949-824-6152
Rosanna Bonus Billing Analyst 949-824-0223
Laura Hua Student Loan Administrator 949-824-7082
Jami Muniz Financial Analyst, CBSO liaison 949-824-4686
Kristina Teller Collections Representative 949-824-4685
Sarah Ure Collections Representative 949-824-4206

Fax: 949-824-6165

General Accounting

Name Function Phone
Lana Schweikert Director. Audits, fiscal & mid-year closings coordination, specialized accounting transactions for the campus, Chart of Accounts, and UCOP financial reporting  949-824-2519
Accounting Operations
Victor Cesario Accounting Operations / Chart of Accounts
Open Position Accountant /Credit card bank inquiries; inventory accounting 949-824-1456
Michael Chung Accountant / Mellon EFT and Well Fargo vendor check reconciliation (contact Accounts Payable for help with vendor checks); accounting for incoming wires 949-824-0472
Edward Hsieh Accountant / Payroll GL analysis 949-824-4511
Trini Lee Awards account-fund set up (non C&G); endowment funds; general ledger and online financial system application inquiries; incoming wire transfers & ACH transactions; interlocation transfer of funds; bank inquiries for campus and Medical Center depositories. 949-824-6818
Benita Ma Agency funds; auxiliary and service enterprise operating statements; Special State Appropriation Funds; fiscal close schedule preparation; tracking of OP FJEs (hand posting entries) and review of FCCS/AWS reports; campus STIP distribution coordination 949-824-7200
Franklin Say Senior Accountant / Glacier Tax System, UBIT 949-824-3647
Srey Tung Intercampus accounting (financial control); SOM lockbox, MC incoming EFTs, UPS lockbox, and outgoing wires bank inquiries; general ledger and online financial system application inquiries; stale-dated / unclaimed vendor check processing 949-824-4460
PP&E, Bond and Third Party
Wan Tung
Bond and debt service; capital expenditures; construction projects; P&P capitalization; plant funds; state claims - capital outlays 949-824-6055
Han Chen Accounting for capitalized equipment, software, libraries, and special collections; equipment depreciation; lease accounting; campus financial schedules; bond audits 949-824-6161

Fax: 949-824-3895

Payroll Office

Name Function Phone
Have a Question About Payroll or Timesheets? Contact the UCI Employee Experience Center at 949-824-0500.
Payroll Operations
Aurora Orozco Associate Director
Erika Guerra Inter-Campus Coordinator and Assistant Payroll Analyst 949-824-4568
Sharanda Jackson Payroll Analyst 949-824-7568
Margret Powell Payroll Analyst -
Marc Regis Payroll Analyst 949-824-8379
Elia Uriarte Payroll Processing Analyst 949-824-9207
Joseph Winfery Payroll Processing Analyst 949-824-6827
Payroll Systems
Open Position Supervisor 949-824-2218
Bernard Dandan Payroll Systems Analyst -
Lennean Ordonez Payroll Systems Analyst -
Julia Zwaal  Payroll Systems Analyst -

Fax: 949-824-3267