How to Approve a Travel Reimbursement in Your Action List

When a travel arranger submits a Travel Reimbursement (TR) on your behalf, the e-document will first be routed to you for your approval and certification. You can find this e-document in your Action List.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Approving a Travel Reimbursement

Access the Action List

  • Go to Zotportal, login, and click on the KFS Tab.
  • Look for the KFS Tools portlet and select Action List.

Select the Travel Reimbursement you'd like to review

If you have a Travel Reimbursement (TR) e-document awaiting approval, it will appear in your action list.
  • Click on the Document ID Number of the Travel Reimbursement you'd like to review.

Carefully review what was entered

You'll want to review the document, checking for any errors. Make sure information such as the trip dates, types of expenses and their amounts, payment method (how you'll be reimbursed), etc are correct.

  • If the information looks correct, scroll down and read the Statement under the Traveler Certification tab. This statement is your certification that the information provided for reimbursement is accurate.
  • After you've read the statement, check the box next to Employee Certification to affirm that the information is accurate.

Submit the TR for further approval

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the e-document and press Approve.

Your request will continue on in the approval process. The next step in this process is approval from the Fiscal Officer of the account entered in the Accounting Lines section. Depending on your circumstances, it might also be approved by an optional Accounting Reviewer and possibly the Accounting Central Office for final approval.

You will be notified via email once it is complete.