Payment Request (PREQ)

document-3503099_640.pngThe Payment Request (PREQ) document is created in response to receiving an invoice for goods or services requested from a vendor on a PO. This document is restricted to Central Accounts Payable.

When PREQs Post to the General Ledger

Payment Requests that are enroute and waiting on fiscal officer approval or tax review will not post to the ledger until they become Final or Processed. All PREQs for amounts of $10K and greater require approval by the department’s fiscal officer to finalize. This approval holds up payment. Previously, it would not stop it from posting to the GL.

Like all other KFS documents, the PREQ will not post to the ledger until the KFS eDoc is in Processed or Final status. Once a document is Final or Processed, it will be queued to pay (on the defined pay date) in accordance with contract provisions unless a payment hold has been placed by Account Payable.