Workflow and Ad-Hoc Routing


The Initiator is the employee who creates the TR document. When a UCI employee is being reimbursed, the initiator must be an arranger for the Traveler. Initiators must have an active TEM Profile to create a TR.


The Traveler is the person being reimbursed. If the Traveler is an employee, the TR will route to them electronically. Employee Travelers must check the Employee Certification check box. If the Traveler is not an employee, the initiator will print the Non-Employee Form and have the Traveler sign it. The Non-Employee Form should be sent to scanning with the coversheet and supporting documentation.

Fiscal Officer

The Fiscal Officer is responsible for approving day-to-day activity on an account. ;Fiscal Officer approval is required for the TR.

System User (Kuali Financial System Us, Kuali Financial System US)

This appears in the route log to let approvers know that the supporting documentation and cover sheet still needs to be scanned to the document.

Accounting Reviewer

The optional Accounting Reviewer role creates an additional workflow step on an e-document after the fiscal officer.

Travel Manager

The Travel Manager is a group of Accounts Payable staff members. The Travel Manager is the last approval for the TR.

Ad-Hoc Routing and exceptional approval:

Additional and Exceptional Approvals for Travel, Meetings, and Entertainment

Ad-Hoc Routing e-Documents in KFS