Getting Started with the Travel Reimbursement (TR)

Starting with the right tools helps every project run smoothly. Here are some tips to help you get set up before you initiate a new Entertainment Reimbursement in KFS.

Ensure the Payee is Ready to Receive a Payment

Employees When a UCI employee needs to be reimbursed for Event or Travel expenses, the employee being reimbursed and the Arranger who is preparing the document must have a TEM Profile. The following guides, links, and FAQ's will help you create and edit TEM profiles.
  • When a Vendor (company or non-employee) needs to be paid directly, ensure they have been onboarded into UCI's Vendor Onboarding System: PaymentWorks. Vendors can set up ACH (direct deposit) or Wire information (if foreign) through PaymentWorks onboarding.
Students & One-Time Payees
  • Students who are active UCI employees will need to create a TEM profile (and will be reimbursed as an employee).
  • Students who are not active employees can be paid using the one-time feature in the Entertainment or Trip Overview tab. This will issue a check to the address the initiator inputs.
  • True one-time payees and former employees can be paid as a one-time payee if they are being reimbursed for Travel expenses. This will issue a check.

Prepare Supporting Documentation

Having the proper supporting documentation will ensure a quicker reimbursement process. Travel Accounting has a Supporting Document Guide to help you ensure that all required documents are included in your reimbursement request.