Routing and Roles

The DV has system built-in workflow, based on roles.

  • Initiator
    Any active faculty or staff can initiate
  • Fiscal Officer
    Approves the eDoc
  • Accounting Reviewer
    This step is optional for FYI or Approve

Additional route nodes can be established by users Ad-Hoc routing each DV for approval.

Workflow Workflow Detail
Initiator An initiator can create and submit a DV. Supporting documents should be uploaded in the Image Scanning tab by the initiator.
Fiscal Officer The DV routes to the Fiscal Officer(s) of the account(s) listed for financial approval. The Fiscal Officer can edit the Document Overview and Accounting Line tabs of the DV when it is in their Action List.
Accounting Reviewer Users should note that an Accounting Reviewer should be approving every DV, as this should function like the department ‘head’ review node. Since this role is based on an Organization’s hierarchy, some units may have more than one Accounting Reviewer approving all DV transactions.
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable will audit the DV to ensure compliance, before a check is cut, in the Pre-Disbursement Processor (PDP) section of KFS.
DV is ready for PDP After Account's Payable has audited and approved the DV it will post to the general ledger overnight. Payment will go out the following day.