Time Reporting System (TRS) Support & Training

Time Reporting System (TRS)

The transition to UCPath TRS is now complete

Biweekly Employees              

Beginning 12/29/19 biweekly employees will be required to submit their time for the pay period ending 1/11/20 in the UCPath Time Reporting System 

Monthly Employees              

Begining with December 2019 leave time reporting, monthly employees will enter time in the UCPath Time Reporting System 

Employee instructions:

      1. Employees review your saved timesheet and adjust as needed.  Create timesheet if none was saved.
      2. Contact your Department Time Administrators (DTA) assistance if you have an problems.
      3. Submit timesheets by TRS Deadlines

Supervisor instructions:

      1. Biweekly Supervisor approve timesheets by TRS Deadlines
        • Supervisors may receive warning flags while approving leave time until leave balances are available, please work with your employee and Department Time Administrators (DTA) to verify balance if necessary.

Departmental Time Administrators:

      1. Biweekly DTA approve by TRS Deadlines

Questions can be directed to the Employee Experience Center at eec@uci.edu or (949)-824-0500.

TRS Resources

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A collection of Time Reporting System (TRS) support and training resources organized by TRS User Role: Departmental Time Administrator (DTA), Supervisor, and/or Employee.

TRS DTA Training

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To ensure DTAs have an appropriate baseline understanding of TRS and the responsibilities of their role, completion of the TRS DTA: Basics course is required before DTA access will be granted via SAMS

NOTE: The TRS Support Desk is currently providing individual 2-hour sessions to satisfy the training requirement for SAMS DTA access approval. 

TRS Mailing List

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It is highly recommended that all TRS DTAs subscribe to the TRS-Update mailing list, which is the main source for news and announcements about UCI's Time Reporting System (TRS).


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A quick guide to the most frequently asked questions regarding TRS including information about TRS eligibility, time entry, timesheet submission, and more.


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University Policy & Procedure questions generally fall outside of the purview of the TRS Support Desk, however, TRS Users may find the following resources helpful:

UCI Administrative Policies and Procedures

Personnel Procedures for UCI Staff Members

UCI Academic Personnel Procedures