Dependent Travel & Dependent Care Eligible Expenses - Pre-Approval Required

Policy summary for UCI faculty members, non-faculty academics, staff members, and UCI prospective employees (Final Interview) for pre-approved eligible dependent care costs while on travel status. Pre-approval is required.

Reimbursement of limited eligible dependent travel and dependent care costs incurred by the UCI faculty members, non-faculty academics, and staff members while traveling on official university business allow the UCI employee to participate in out-of-town professional meetings, conferences, or research because of the costs of providing additional dependent care.

  • Dependent care cost reimbursement is limited to instances where pre-approvals are obtained, funds are available, eligible costs will be incurred, and all applicable UC policies and procedures are followed.
  • Pre-approval form is required documentation.
  • Dependent travel and dependent care expenses while on UCI travel status are considered taxable/reportable to the UCI employee and will be processed through payroll. A prospective employee (final interview) will be issued a 1099-MISC tax form and must be on-boarded.

Dependent Care Expenses – UCI Employee

With pre-approval, actual travel expenses and eligible dependent care expenses may be reimbursed for spouses/domestic partners, dependents, and dependent-care providers (as defined in UCOP G-28 policy).

Dependent Care Expenses – Prospective Employee Final Interview

(faculty or high-level administrative position, senior management group)

With pre-approval, actual travel expenses and dependent care eligible expenses may be reimbursed for spouses/domestic partners, dependents, and dependent-care providers who accompany candidates for faculty or high-level administrative position (senior management group) on-campus visits as part of normal recruitment activities for final interviews. Candidate must be onboarded to receive reimbursement.

In addition, actual expenses may also be reimbursed for “at home” dependent care required outside of normal working hours while an employee or prospective employee is traveling on bona fide university business travel, limited by conditions below.

  • All expenses related to dependent travel or dependent caregivers must be pre-approved by:
    • Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Associate Provost and Chief of Staff for final interview prospective employee.
    • Dean for spouses, domestic partners, dependent-care providers, and dependents who accompany existing employees on bona fide university business in limited circumstances. prior to making any commitments to employees.
  • Requests for reimbursement of dependent travel or dependent caregiver expenses must include a bona fide need for care during the UCI business trip, meeting the following criteria:
    1. Be temporary costs that are above and beyond or incremental to the employee’s usual expenses for dependent care.
    2. No alternative caregiver is reasonably available to support the dependent during the primary traveler’s absence (Internal Revenue Code Section 152(c) defines “dependent” as either a qualifying child or qualifying relative).
      • A minor who resides with the primary traveler and for whom the traveler is the primary caregiver; or
      • A minor or adult who resides with the primary traveler, requires assistance with daily activities, and for whom the traveler is the primary caregiver; or
      • A disabled minor or adult who spends at least 8 hours per day at the primary traveler’s residence and for whom the traveler provides caregiving responsibility.
  • Expenses may be charged to allowable funds containing no restrictions and is the responsibility of the department to ensure the expense is allowable. Dependent care costs can only be charged to federal funds if they are above and beyond regular dependent care that directly results from travel to a conference for the federal award and are temporary during the travel period. This is subject to the circumstances where such expenses can be reimbursed as determined by the designated pre-approvers - IAD 632. The travel expenses of the dependent cannot be charged to a federal fund - see section VII of the UC G-28 Travel Regulations.
  • Pre-approval is required by the UCI designated exceptional approval listed on the UC Irvine Delegation of Authority, IAD 632.