New Field Added to KFS Accounts: Program Number

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on April 29, 2024

This month the KFS Team added a new field to KFS accounts called Program Number. This new account attribute is used to connect KFS accounts with a formalized list of UC systemwide programs for the purposes of high-level financial reporting. For existing KFS accounts, Program Numbers were pre-populated based on survey results from various departments.

program-number-example.jpgThe Program Number attribute is a 3-digit code determined by both UCOP and UCI. At the systemwide level, it is typically referred to as a UC Systemwide Program code. Here are some examples of Program Numbers/UC Systemwide Program Codes:

  • 101- Natural Reserve System (NRS)
  • 187- UC Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI)
  • 291- Cal Teach

A full list of codes can be accessed on the page linked below.

Program Number Impact on Creating/Editing Accounts

Moving forward, fiscal officers will need to enter a Program Number when creating a new account. We added a webpage to the Accounting Office website with instructions to help you with this process.

Existing accounts have been pre-populated with Program Numbers, but if you see an error, you can use the same instructions to update the code.

Common Chart of Accounts

The Program Number field is part of the University’s Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) initiative. The CCOA was designed to create consistency across the University of California and enhance systemwide reporting abilities while allowing campuses to maintain local charts of accounts within the established framework.

For questions and comments, please contact Trang Tran, Accounting Manager and Chart Manager, or email