Biweekly Payroll Expense Will Post Late to March Reports

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on April 5, 2024

bell-1096280_640.pngCampus financial managers and analysts should be aware that biweekly payroll expense data for the pay period ending 03/30/2024 will post to KFS Decision Support reports later than usual. The March 2024 accounting period will close as normal on April 5. Most March final transactions – except the biweekly payroll – will be available for viewing on Monday, April 8.

March final balances – including biweekly payroll expense data – should be available in Decision Support on Wednesday, April 10. This delay will also affect other reporting tools like the PI Report, CG Billing, and DOPE reports. Please keep this date in mind when reviewing report balances and performing reconciliation for the March accounting period.

If you have questions, contact the KFS Help Desk at or 949-824-7001.