New Object Codes Requirements for IB & SB eDocs

Sent to AFS-Update on Sept. 18, 2023

The Internal Billing (IB) and Service Billing (SB) eDocs were updated over the weekend to restrict what recharge object codes can be used when recharges cross charts (i.e., IR and MC chart codes) between income and expense. This change to the recharge eDoc is part of the implementation of UC’s Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA).

One major impact of the CCOA is the way UCOP considers recharges and transfers. Recharges within the same chart must net to zero. Separately, recharges between the MC and IR charts must net to zero. To accomplish this, UCOP has created new reporting levels. We have been working to map KFS object codes to these UCOP levels. Most of the recharge expense object codes are mapped so that they can be used within the same KFS Chart. (IR to IR; MC to MC; SW to SW). However, certain existing recharge object codes were remapped – and a few new recharge object codes were created – to be used only for recharges between the MC and IR charts. 

The new cross-chart recharge object codes can be found here. If the income or expense recharge object codes you have been using for internal department recharges no longer work, please contact General Accounting for help determining the new recharge object code that best fits your transaction.

Tips for Working with the IB/SB eDocs

With this change, please keep in mind the following:

  • Internal Billings (IBs) crossing between the Irvine Campus (IR) and Medical Center (MC) charts will use designated recharge object codes on both the income and the expense sides. 
  • Sub-Object codes that departments created will no longer work for the new recharge object codes unless the department creates new ones with the new object associations. Billing departments should update their biller if they had previously given them a sub-object code to use.
  • Mixing Cross Chart Billings: Only IR-to-MC or MC-to-IR charges can be used on a single IB or SB document. You cannot mix single entity billings (IR-IR or MC-MC) with dual entity billings (MC-IR or IR-MC) on a single IB or SB document. They must go on separate documents. 
  • Same/Single Chart Billing: Multiple accounting line entries for recharge income and recharge expenses can continue to be used on the same document, with the existing object codes, so long as the same chart is used on both the income and expense  (i.e., the eDoc must contain only IR chart entries for both income & expense or only MC chart entries, but not both/mixed).

For more information about working with object codes on the IB eDoc, please contact Trang Tran in the General Accounting Office.