Fiscal Officer Approval Required on Subaward PREQs

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on April 21

All Payment Requests (PREQ) for subaward Purchase Orders (POs) must now be approved by the fiscal officer before they will pay the recipient and post to the ledger. As part of this approval, fiscal officers should verify that expenses are allowed on the award and review documents – especially payments – for accuracy and correct accounting entries. The workflow for all other types of PREQs remains unchanged – only requiring fiscal officer approval when the amount is $10K or greater.

A subaward PO is for contract & grant subawards that have a fully executed subaward agreement from Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). For more information about subawards, see these links: 

For more information about creating a Requisition for subawards that have been fully executed/approved by SPA, please email for the guide.

Change to When PREQs Post to the General Ledger

In addition to the workflow change above, the timing for when PREQs of any type post to the General Ledger (GL) has changed. Payment Requests that are enroute and waiting on fiscal officer approval or tax review will not post to the ledger until they become Final or Processed. All PREQs for amounts of $10K and greater require approval by the department’s fiscal officer to finalize. This approval holds up payment. Previously, it would not stop it from posting to the GL.

The PREQ is now like all other KFS documents and will not post to the ledger until the KFS eDoc is in Processed or Final status. Once a document is Final or Processed, it will be queued to pay (on the defined pay date) as well, unless a payment hold has been placed by Account Payable.

If you have any questions about the changes above, please contact the KFS Help Desk at