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Travel, Entertainment, Move & Relo Policies

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A listing of the most significant University of California and UCI policies pertaining to Travel, Entertainment, and Relocations and Moves. You must follow all University of California Travel and Entertainment policies.

Local Hotel Directory

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Each of the Orange County hotels listed here has unique qualities and services. Use the guide to choose the most suitable one for individual travelers or your conference needs.

Required Documents for Foreign Travelers

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Documentation requirements for foreign travel are listed on this page.

IRS Accountable Plan Requirements

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Under the IRS Accountable Plan requirements, travelers provide the University with the same type of records and supporting information that the traveler would provide to the IRS if the IRS questioned a travel related deduction.

University Policies & Procedures

policies UC policy aligns with IRS regulations for employee awards and gifts and gifts presented to non-employees on behalf of the University, and guidelines for the approved purchase and use of cellular phone.

Online Travel Policy Workshop


Online TEM travel policy workshop, a review of Travel, Entertainment & DV policies and best practices.

Updates & Reminders


AP &Travel Accounting Update & Important Reminders