Entertainment and Meetings

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What is Reimbursable?

Newkirk Alumni Building

Policy defines entertainment as "expenditures for meals or light refreshments and related services (e.g., labor charges, room rental, equipment rental, decorations, flowers, and similar expenditures) incurred in connection with events that are primarily social or recreational activities in support of the University’s mission."

Meal Expense Maximums

Medical School Building

The maximum amount per person that can be reimbursed for allowable meeting and entertainment occasions varies depending on the meal. The host is required to provide receipts for departmental review. The receipts must identify both food and beverage charges ...

Entertainment (ENT) eDoc

A woman working on a laptop on a reimbursement document

Employees can request reimbursement for travel expenses by submitting an Entertainment Reimbursement (ENT) e-document in the Kuali Financial System. Creating an ENT eDoc or any other Travel and Entertainment Management (TEM) e-document in KFS requires training ...