Booking Air Travel for UCI Business

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Book Online with Connexxus

The Travel Team recommends that all employees book their travel using ConnexUC, a secure Web portal for booking university business travel. It automatically gives you access to UC-negotiated prices for airfare, hotels, and car rentals - a cost savings to the University.

ConnexUC automatically includes travel insurance and has built-in guidance for compliance with UC travel policy, so you will find it is easier to follow travel guidelines. While UCI policy does not require travelers or travel arrangers to use any particular method or tool for booking airfare or other types of travel, Connexxus is highly recommended and supported by the University. 

Use a Travel Agency

For complex trips or when using a travel agency is preferable, UCI travelers can also use the following travel agencies to take advantage of UC-negotiated prices:

UC Travel Center

Phone: 800-235-8252 - Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone: 800-235-8252 - Emergency Assistance, Outside of Business Hours (for non-emergency assistance after hours, $30 fee.)
Fax:  310-794-2701

BCD Travel

Phone: 877-885-8632 - Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone: 1-818-238-4445 if calling from outside the United States
Phone: 877-885-8632 - Emergency Assistance, Outside of Business Hours (for non-emergency assistance after hours, $40 fee.)

Air Travel Guidelines

If you choose not to use Connexxus, you will need to be particularly careful to follow all University of California and UCI guidelines to ensure you will be reimbursed. Even if you do you use Connexxus, it's worthwhile to review the policy highlights page for the most commonly encountered guidelines. Keep in mind that your department may also have its own rules and restrictions, so it's important to coordinate with your group's travel arranger.

Rules to keep in mind while booking air travel:
  • Book only coach or economy-class tickets. Business, first-class or other higher-cost options (extra leg space, exit row seat, Plus seating, Premium Economy) are typically ineligible for reimbursement except under specific circumstances that require exceptional approval in advance from the Chancellor.
  • Do not use package deals. These are generally ineligible for reimbursement, as is the trip insurance fee.
  • Ancillary charges: Provided they are allowed by the funding source, the following airline charges are reimbursable under UCI policy:
    • Checked and carry-on bag fees
    • Early check-in (i.e. Southwest Airlines Early Bird Check In)
    • Economy-class seat selection fees
  • Receipt requirement: Itinerary receipt showing payment, fare class, passenger name and ticket number.
For international travel:

Other Considerations when Booking Travel

Fly America Act: Travelers should be aware of the Fly America Act, which mandates use of U.S. air carriers.