Saving Queries in Reports

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Saved Queries is now availble to give financial users the ability to save routinely used queries for a number of reports. Instructions for saving, loading, and deleting reports are below.

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Saving and Loading Queries

Users can save and load custom queries using the Load Prompts and Save Prompts buttons at the bottom of the main report prompt screen.


To save a query, simply set up the report with the desired search options, and then click the Save Prompts button. You’ll be asked to provide a name and optional description for your query. Saved queries are unique to your UCINetID. For any report and user, the query name must be unique. Sharing queries is planned for a future development phase.


A confirmation window will be displayed, and will automatically be dismissed after a few seconds.


After saving a query, it can be loaded at any time by clicking the Load Prompts button and clicking the name of the query.


Once you select the query, your query will be automatically populated into the report. After the query has loaded, you may can run the report.

Saved queries do not expire, and users can delete queries if they’re no longer needed. 

How to Delete Queries

You can delete queries by clicking on the Load Queries button and selecting Delete to the right of the query you wish to delete. You will have to confirm the query you want to delete.


Once you've selected the Delete button, a delete confirmation window will be displayed, and will automatically be dismissed after a few seconds.


To replace the query, the user can first load the query, then delete the query. With the prompts values loaded, the user can modify the prompts values and save it using the same name (that was just deleted).

Reports Allowing Saved Queries

The following reports now allow users to save queries:

  • Account Summary
  • Fund Summary
  • Account GL Detail Ad-hoc
  • Ledger Reconciliation
  • Account Transaction

For more information on these reports, see the Campus Financial Reports page.