General Ledger Ad-Hoc Reports: Customize Your Data

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Ad-hoc reports give financial users the ability to pull financial data from UCI's general ledger and display it in highly customizable ways. For users who wish to download data with more specific filters, or users who wish to create their own reports or queries, there are a variety of ad hoc tools available.

Ad Hoc Reports




Access Required

Account GL Detail Ad-Hoc Report

This report is similar to the Account Transaction - Income and Expense Report. The difference is, the top left has a drop down menu to additional filters on different pages. Users can also run a query for data that spans more than one Fiscal Year.

Users can filter by Project Code, Object Codes, and Ledger Dollar Amounts.

Fiscal Officers and Financial Managers.

KFS User (54) or KFS Decision Support Viewer

GL Balance Ad-Hoc Report

This report is similar to the Account GL Detail Adhoc Report, except this report returns balances instead of entries.

Fiscal Officers and Financial Managers. 

KFS User (54) or KFS Decision Support Viewer

KFS Ad-Hoc Query (Firefox Only) / Cognos Workspace Advanced

This is a link to Cognos Workspace Advanced. With IBM® Cognos® Workspace Advanced, you can perform advanced data exploration and author simple reports.

Ad Hoc Report Writers. 

KFS Decision Support Advanced

KFS BLISS Ad-Hoc Query

Generates ad-hoc reports from the general ledger. This version of BLISS is not completely identical to what was retired in 2014. This version can only generate reports from the KFS General Ledger. It cannot access any pre-KFS financial data.

Any Financial User

All Authenticated Users