PI Report FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions. Click any question to expand the answer.

  • Campus Users can access the PI Report system via ZotPortal: portal.uci.edu
  • Be sure to login first! Go to: ZotPortal > Faculty/Staff >Applications tab > My Applications portlet > My Applications list > Principal Investigator Report (KFS based). 
  • Make sure you have access to the PI Report application. Review your access with your Department Security Administrator (DSA) to determine what accounts or organization you would need PI Report Browse or PI Report Edit access to.
  • If searching by PI Name, try searching by Account Number instead (to determine if it is a spelling/naming issue).
  • The Principal Investigator is an attribute in KFS on the Award. Updates to an Award should be addressed to C&G Accounting. Award information can associated with multiple KFS accounts.
  • Any updates to account name or other attributes have to be done in KFS directly (Account document).
  • You can add a Co-PI name on the PI Report directly, to allow you to enhance your search results for funding where there are dual-PIs, or if it is not C&G funding related.
  • The PI Report System is refreshed with monthly ledger data once a month, after month-end close. (after 5 business days).
  • During the Fiscal Year End (July & August), the PI Report may be updated on a slightly different/ad-hoc route schedule. Check the PI Report home page for notes and to see the last refresh date.
  • Check UCPath to determine if funding period end dates are entered (many times they are not). If not, the funding end date may be a derived a value, which can differ from UCPath 
  • UCPath salary detail data should be refreshed daily, but check with your payroll processor to see when they last updated UCPath, since it may take up to 48 hours to feed to downstream systems.
  • Salary Cost Transfers may not reflect in the PI Report until after they’ve been loaded into the General Ledger and the month has closed. 
  • Please note that finance analysts can update and override any calculated values in their UCPath Commitments page if they know of any changes taking place. Changes in UCPath Commitments section (top section, under Salary detail), do not automatically update your Saved UCPath Commitments (Included in Budget Calculations)
  • If looking at the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DOPE) report check with your DSA to ensure you have full access to all transacations based on a particular KFS Org code.