How to Add Arrangers to an Existing TEM profile

TEM Profiles are an essential component of Travel & Event Management’s foundation. Employees seeking reimbursement via TEM eDocs must have or create a TEM Profile in order to be paid/reimbursed for TEM-related expenses. Access to initiating TEM eDocs also requires having or creating TEM Profile. The instructions below will explain how you can look up your TEM Profile in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and add an arranger to your profile.

Important Note: To access KFS and other secure UCI online systems, all users must use a UCI Internet Connection. If working off-site or remote, you'll need to download (one-time) and ensure OIT's Virturual Private Network (VPN) Software is active.  You can access OIT VPN Instructions with this link.

Getting to the TEM Profile Lookup Screen

Before you can add an arranger, you need to look up your TEM Profile:

  • Select the Finances/KFS tab from the yellow navigation bar. This will take you to a screen full of portlets related to the campus financial system.

  • Scroll down and find the Travel & Event Management portlet. 
  • Select the + icon to expand the TEM Profile section.
  • Select the TEM Profile Lookup link.

Looking up Your TEM Profile

The TEM Profile Lookup screen in KFS is used to search for and make changes to TEM Profiles.

  • Search for your TEM Profile by entering your UCInetID into the Principal Name field and clicking the Search button. If you have a TEM Profile, it will appear in the search results.
  • Click the Edit link next to your name in the search results. (Expand the picture below to see the location highlighted in green.)


Tip: If nothing appears in the results, you may need to follow the instructions for creating a new TEM Profile and adding an Arranger.

Adding an Arranger to Your TEM Profile

Clicking the Edit button initiates a document in KFS that will be used to process and record the addition of a new Arranger to your TEM profile.

  • As with all KFS Documents, you must enter a description and explanation in the Document Overview tab.
    • The Description should be something very short. For example, it can just be your name.
    • The Explanation should be something simple like "Adding an arranger to TEM Profile for [Your Name]."
  • Scroll down to the Arrangers tab - you can ignore all the others - and select the magnifying glass icon next to Principal Name.


  • Enter the UCInetID or First and Last name of the person that you want to add as an arranger into the Principal Name field.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • Click the return value link next to the name of the person that you want to add as an arranger.


  • You will be sent back to the previous screen with your arranger's information appearing in the Arrangers tab.
  • Select the green Add button.


Now you just need to finalize the document and complete the process. The buttons for saving and submitting the document are at the bottom of the window, so ...

  • Select the Save button. 
  • Select the Submit button.

And that's it! KFS will automatically processes your document requesting a travel arranger.