TEM Arranger Dashboard

Travel and Event Arranger Dashboard

The Travel and Event Arranger Dashboard is a new tool that allows travel arrangers to create TEM profiles, view enroute documents for their travelers/hosts, and reconcile corporate card charges for Travel and Event payees.


Access to the Travel and Event Arrangers Dashboard is in Zotportal, under Travel & Event Management, under Arranger Tools.


Search for a TEM Profile

The Search for a TEM Profile section allows Arrangers to search for a particular person in their organization and see if that person has a TEM profile. If the person does not have a TEM profile the Arranger can create a TEM profile for them as long as the person is an active employee.

The Search field only accepts UCInetID’s.


My TEM Payees

The TEM Payees section will show all payees that the Arranger is a TEM Organization Profile Arranger for. Payees who users are individual arrangers for will be added in a later phase. Arrangers can Filter by First and Last name, active and inactive profiles, and organization code.


If a traveler has reimbursements that are enroute the number of reimbursements will appear next to their name. The payees Arranger can click on the number to view the enroute document.




Pending Documents

 The Pending documents section will display a color chart representing the status of enroute documents. Hovering over each color will show the status. Clicking on a color in either the graph or the boxes will take the Arranger to a screen displaying all documents with this status.


In the TEM Document Details screen Arrangers can filter by status and payee. Arrangers can also open the TEM document by clicking on the document number and send the payee a reminder email by clicking on the Send Email Reminder link.


Card Charges

The Card Charges section allows Arrangers to view all card charges for their payees.

  • The Transaction date will appear red when the current date is 30 days or more past the transaction date.
  • Document numbers in the Assigned Document column indicate that the charge has been imported into a reimbursement document that has not yet become final. Arrangers can click on the Assigned Document number to view the reimbursement document.
  • The Not Reconciled drop down allows Arrangers to toggle between unreconciled charges, reconciled charged, and charges that have been cleared centrally.