Routing and Roles

Below is information about the routing and roles associated with the GEC in the Kuali Financial System.

General Error Correction Workflow Diagram

The General Error Correction has system built-in workflow, based on roles. Additional route nodes can be established by users Ad-Hoc routing each GEC for approval.

  • Initiator
    Typically the Fiscal Officer would initiate
  • Fiscal Officer
    Approves the eDoc if they were not the initiator
  • Accounting Reviewer
    This step is optional 
  • Principal Investigator
    An FYI only for Contract and Grant Accounts

hammer and screwdriver icon Contracts & Grants Cost Transfers have additional workflow requirements. See below for details.

Description of Workflow Nodes


 Workflow Detail


The Fiscal Officer or other Financial Personnel responsible for managing the account. 

Fiscal Officer

Approval requests will only route to Fiscal Officers who are not the initiator of the eDoc. If the initiator is not the Fiscal Officer of all of the accounts in the accoutning lines, an approval request will route to the Fiscal Officer(s). 

Accounting Reviewer

This step is optional

Principal Investigator

The person listed as the Project Director in the KFS Award eDoc will receive an FYI for all GEC's that contain a Contract or Grant account. Typically the Project Director is the Principal Investigator. 

Contracts & Grants Cost Transfers

Cost transfers involving contracts and grants funds are subject to additional University of California policies and federal laws that are not discussed in this guide. KFS users must comply with these additional requirements when using the General Error Correction to complete a cost transfer on contract and grant funding. The department initiator or Fiscal Officer should ensure that the General Error Correction is ad-hoc routed for any additional approvals.

For more information, see the Cost Transfers page on the Contracts & Grants Accounting website.

Email Notification 

Upon submission of the GEC, a notification email will be sent to the Principal Investigator if a Contract or Grant Account is used. Users should communicate to the PI that they should expect the notification email. Below is an example of how the email looks like:

Subject: KFS: General Error Correction Review Required

RESPONSIBILITIES: A General Error Correction (GEC) has been processed against an account that designates you as the Project Director (PD).

As the PD, you are responsible for reviewing all GEC affecting your awards. This notification will be used in lieu of your signature on any paper form.  The following contains information on the GEC that affect the fund(s) for which you are responsible.

ACTIONS: Review the GEC to determine if appropriate.  Go to your KFS Action List at and click on the numeric Document ID: ##### in the first column of the List.  At the GEC document bottom select "FYI" to certify acknowledgement of the document.

If the GEC is NOT appropriate, please contact your departmental Fiscal Officer or departmental financial analyst immediately to request additional information regarding this GEC.  The "FYI" will still be required if the document is disapproved.

Document ID:  #####

Initiator:              Anteater            

Type:                 Add/Modify GEC

Title:                  General Error Correction - Fixing Error

To respond to this eDoc:

 Go to

            Or you may access the eDoc from your Action List:

             Go to , and then click on the numeric Document ID:

 ##### in the first column of the List.

To change how these email notifications are sent(daily, weekly or none):

     Go to

To access KFS from off-campus using your computer, tablet or phone, log in through the campus VPN (virtual private network) first using either the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client or the UCI WebVPN service.  Please refer to for

software downloads and installation instructions.

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