Getting Started with the GEC

Factors to Consider before initiating a GEC

The GEC can only correct actual entries.

  • For more information on Balance Types, see this page.
  • Budget changes can be done using a Budget Appropriation Transaction(BAT) or Budget Adjustment (BA).

Has the actual entry/document you'd like to correct been posted? 

  • If the document has not been posted (the document was finalized and has been through the nightly posting process), a GEC cannot be done to correct the entry.

Has a GEC already been initiated/completed on the entry you'd like to correct?

  • If a GEC has already been done on that entry, you will not be able to correct the same original entry. You can still correct the entry that was created by the correcting GEC.

Where on ZotPortal is the GEC e-Document?

The General Error Correction can be found in the Financial Processing Portlet in Zotportal, or the Activities area in Accounting through the KFS Side Menu.

What KSAMS Role Access is Required for the GEC?

The main Kuali Security Access Management System (KSAMS) role associated with GEC is:

  • Role 54 User or Basic Financial User C&G

A DSA can grant you access in KSAMS.