Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Click any question to expand the answer.

If you wish to adjust only part of the amount, or split the amount to multiple accounts, click the add button on the right side. In the case of a partial amount change, one of the lines should be the original account, while the other line should have the new account.

a. In the GL Entry Importing tab, click on the search button. This will take you to a General Ledger lookup. In the General Ledger lookup you can enter Account Number, Object Code, Amount, and other criteria to find the transaction

a. After a GEC has been submitted, the Fiscal Officer can edit the accounting lines only when the GEC is in their action list to approve. Fiscal Officers can view a document’s General Ledger Pending entries while the document is still enroute, as well as when it is final. If it is still enroute, it is at that time they should make the change or disapprove the document if something is wrong. The KFS General Ledger lookups (including the pending entry lookups) are up-to-the minute and show enroute documents & balances if that selection is indicated.

The General Error Correction can only be used to correct general ledger entries. Budget can be adjustsed by using a Budget Adjustment eDoc or a Budget Appropriation Transaction eDoc.

A GEC can be done pulling in the document number of the previous GEC. Once a document has been pulled into a GEC and the GEC is final, that document cannot be selected for another GEC. (add screenshot of general ledger lookup where GEC document is selectable)

Some object codes are not allowed on the GEC. These object codes include, L328, salary object codes and some benefit object codes. Aloso, some object codes are restricted and cannot be used with some accounts.

A GEC can be done to correct use tax. Purchasing has a help guide showing users how to use a GEC to correct use tax

KFS does not limit the number of lines that a GEC can have. It is recommended that no more than 50 expense lines be pulled into a GEC. The more lines in the GEC, the more likely the document is to be sluggish.

Check the document and see if it is final. Only final documents post to the ledger. Check the route log to see when the document became final. After a GEC document is final it must go through an overnight batch process before it will appear on the ledger

You cannot add an accounting reviewer (approval) on a GEC any longer. Campus Management and a workflow committee determined that an ‘approve’ holds up workflow to an incredible degree that is unnecessary. You may add them as an Accounting Reviewer FYI or an Accounting Reviewer Acknowledge role instead.

If the account has been expired less than 60 days the account override feature in the accounting lines can be used to use the expired account. If the account has been expired for more than 60 days, please contact Contracts and Grants Accounting. Contracts and Grants Accounting can temporarily open the account so that the GEC can be processed.