KFS Basics FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions. Click any question to expand the answer.

You may need to contact OIT (Office of Information and Technology 949-824-2222) as they manage zotportal. There’s a couple things we can do to trouble shoot first.

• Make sure you are going to portal.uci.edu. When people have zotportal or KFS bookmarked and there is a system update, the bookmarked link is no longer valid.

•If you have been able to log into Zotportal before and are now having trouble, your browser may be bringing up an old version of Zotportal. Clear your browser cookies and cashe.

• If you are accessing KFS from off campus: The VPN does require to log in 2-3 times. Some people think this is an error, but it’s the VPN ensuring off campus users are authorized users. • If you need to reset your password, the Office of Information and Technology has a page with instructions. http://www.oit.uci.edu/help/password/

Everyone with a UCInetID has access to the Zotportal, but only active employees have access to KFS. Students who are not employees and other non-employees will not have a Finances/KFS tab. If you are an active employee and do not see the Finances/KFS tab after you log into Zotportal contact your department’s payroll coordinator.

If you have the Finances/KFS tab you have basic user access to KFS. Some KFS eDocs require additional access. Your Department Security Administrator can request additional access for you depending on your job duties. 

When users access KFS eDocs or lookups from the KFS Homepage they can choose to have a new window or tab open. When an eDoc or lookup link is selected the eDoc or lookup will open in the existing window. If a second eDoc or lookup is opened the user will be asked if they want to leave or stay on the current page. 




For users who would like to work in the KFS Homepage and have multiple tabs or windows open, they can right click to open an action menu and then select “Open in new tab” Or “Open in new window”.

Holding down the control (Ctrl) key while pressing the + key on your key board will make the print on the eDoc larger and reduce the white space.

General Financial Management questions should be directed toward the Chief Financial Officer(s)/Fiscal Officers of your unit/department, as there may be specific unit/department policies relating to your financial operations. 

  • The KFS help desk is available to help with functional and navigational questions.
    • KFS Help desk: kfs@uci.edu 949-824-7001
  • For Travel Policy questions, please contact Travel Accounting.
  • Questions regarding onboarding a vendor can be sent to the Kuali Vendor Onboarding Coordinator.
  • For help with Requisitions, UCIBuy, and PO Amends Central Purchasing has a help desk.
    • Purchasing Help desk: purchasing@uci.edu 949-824-4040