Time Reporting System (TRS) Resources


Getting Started in the Time Reporting System (TRS)

In addition to its primary focus of providing functional administration of the Time Reporting System (TRS), the TRS Support Desk also creates, updates, and/or delivers instructional materials for TRS Users campuswide.

The resources below are organized by TRS User Role and further categorized as Reference GuidesJob Aids, and/or Other Resources.

Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) Resources

Departmental Time Administrators (DTAs) play an essential role in ensuring our employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner by performing the following primary functions in TRS:

      1. Assigning Primary & Backup Supervisors to Employee Assignments
      2. Ensuring appropriate setup of employee Work Schedules and Overtime Compensation selections
      3. Submitting employee work/leave hours to PPS via TRS per deadlines established by the Payroll Division
      4. Returning incorrectly-entered timesheets to Supervisors for correction
      5. Providing TRS support to supervisors & employees within their assigned Department(s)

The resources below are intended to supplement the mandatory DTA training required by the Central Payroll Office, the TRS DTA: Basics class (UCLC).  

Supervisor Resources

Supervisors also play an important role in ensuring our employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner each pay period. There are three trypes of Supervisors in TRS: Primary, Backup, and Optional Backup.

A Primary Supervisor is assigned to an employee by a Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) and is the person directly responsible for overseeing the employee's work schedule, making sure the hours reported by the employee are accurate. Primary Supervisors are also responsible for approving timesheets submitted by the employees to whom they are assigned in TRS.

A Backup Supervisor is assigned by a DTA and oversees an employee's work schedule and approves the employee's timesheets in the absence of the Primary Supervisor. An Optional Backup Supervisor can be also be assigned by a DTA to oversee/approve in the absence of both the Primary and Backup Supervisors.

The resources below are intended for TRS Supervisors are categorized as Reference GuidesJob Aids, and/or Other Resources.

Employee Resources

Employees play perhaps the most vital role in ensuring they are paid in a timely and accurate manner each pay period.

By consistenly clocking in/out and/or submitting their timesheets prior to the TRS Employee Deadline each pay period, Employees allow their Supervisors and Departmental Time Administrators (DTAs) the time necessarry to review, approve, and/or submit their timesheets prior to their respective TRS Deadlines.

The resources below are intended for Employes who report their time via TRS and are categorized as Reference GuidesJob Aids, and/or Other Resources.