Processing Direct Retros (Salary Cost Transfers) During Fiscal Year End

Sent to the AFS-Update mailing list on June 1, 2023

UCPath recently announced they are extending the final deadline for processing Direct Retros (salary cost transfers) to Friday, July 7. The new schedule of deadlines for submitting Direct Retros is listed below.

Direct Retro Deadline

Direct Retro Data in DOPE Reports

June 21, 5 p.m.*

July 6

July 3, 5 p.m. *

July 10

July 7, 5 p.m. * (FINAL)

July 17 (after the fiscal year closes)

* High risk Direct Retros for contracts & grants funds must be submitted by 3 p.m. See guidance below for details.

The later July 7 final deadline is positive news for campus, but it comes with some risk because the results of Direct Retros processed from July 4 to 7 will not be reflected in UCPath DOPE reports until after the fiscal year has closed. Departments cannot make adjustments after period 12 closes.

With this in mind, the Accounting Office is offering the following guidance to campus departments regarding processing Direct Retros during fiscal year end: 

  • Try to submit all Direct Retros for the current fiscal year by June 21 at 5 p.m. (3 p.m. for C&G). These transactions will be reflected in DOPE reports on July 6, giving you ample time to make any necessary adjustments before the fiscal year closes on July 14. Direct Retros submitted by the July 3 deadline will also be viewable in reports prior to the end of period 12.
  • Pay attention to when data becomes available. You won’t see Direct Retros from June 21 reflected in DOPE reports until after the July 3 deadline. Similarly, you won’t see July 3 transfers in reports until after the July 7 final deadline. Departments will need to finalize and align their budgets before June Period12 closes. Some final Direct Retros may not be viewable while departments are submitting Budget Adjustment/Appropriation Transactions. Be sure to include expected Direct Retro projections when aligning or distributing funding.
  • Take special care when processing Direct Retros from July 4 to 7. They have the potential to create overdrafts that you will not see reflected in reports until after period 12 closes in KFS. Any errors will be difficult to correct.
  • Ensure payroll processors and other financial staff are working in close coordination. The results of final Direct Retros won’t be available until after the fiscal year ends, so you will need to estimate the impact of Direct Retros and make budget adjustments based on those estimates before Period 12 closes in KFS on July 14.

Guidance for Salary Cost Transfers on Contracts and Grants

High risk Direct Retros involving contracts and grants are automatically sent to C&G Compliance for a second level review and approval. Ensure these Direct Retros are fully department approved by 3 p.m. on all the deadlines listed above. Additionally, Contracts and Grants Accounting will not approve any Direct Retros that don’t include answers to the following mandatory questions:

  • Explain how the error occurred and why the transfer is being requested. If partial transfer, explain the basis for proration and/or split.                
  • Who approved the transfer of funds? (e.g., Name of PI, Department CAO)     
  • How does the transfer benefit or impact the new funding source being charged?
  • Explain the untimeliness if transfer is: > 120 days after original transaction date, and/or > 90 days after the fund end date.

If you don’t answer all these questions, your Direct Retro may be delayed.