Reimbursement of Removal Expenses

Removal expenses may be provided for certain new appointees to academic positions. UC Irvine may cover the full cost of removal of the personal library/laboratory equipment if it is made available to students and faculty. Removal of household and personal items are covered at one-half of the total cost. At UCI, the details of removal offers are routinely negotiated as part of the academic hiring offer.

Eligibility Requirements

Subject to the availability of funds, some employees' removal expenses may be paid according to the eligibility requirements below.

Academic Appointees

Academic Appointees with the following title series or titles are eligible. 50% of the household, personal items and moving costs may be covered. Up to the full cost of removal of library/laboratory equipment may be covered.

  • Professor series
  • Astronomer series
  • Agronomist in the Experiment Station series
  • Cooperative Extension Advisor series
  • Specialist in Cooperative Extension series
  • Professor in Residence series
  • Supervisor of Physical Education series
  • Continuation Education Specialist series
  • Field Work Supervisor
  • Supervisor of Teacher Education
  • Assistant University Librarian
  • Associate University Librarian
  • University Librarian

Note: For payment of amounts over 50 percent for household, personal items and other eligible moving costs, put request for exception in writing to the Executive Vice Chancellor.

Acting Academic Employee

If the nominating department provides reasonable assurance of its intention to recommend the Acting appointee for regular academic rank within one year following the initial acting appointment, the Acting appointee may be allowed removal expenses, subject to the restrictions above. This requires approval by the Chancellor.

Appointees to Professional Research Series, Post-Graduate Research Series

May be eligible for removal expenses when payment is an allowable expense under the contract or grant, subject to the restrictions listed under Academic Appointees above.

Visiting Appointees, Teaching Fellows, Teaching Assistants, Lecturer and other Academic Titles

See UCI Policy and Procedures Sec. 715-16: Moving and Removal Guidelines or ask an expert for additional removal provisions.

Move & Relocation Policies

For Academic Personnel Move & Relocation questions, please send an email