Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

Some employees who accept new positions at UC Irvine may be eligible, upon advance approval, for reimbursement of the reasonable costs of moving household goods and personal effects to a new residence. This includes the cost of travel to the new location for the eligible employee and immediate family members.

Eligibility Requirements for Faculty

Moving expenses may be provided for certain new appointees to Academic positions. Removal of household and personal items are covered at one-half of the total cost. The relevant policies are:

At UCI, the details of removal offers are routinely negotiated as part of the academic hiring offer. See more on the Removal Expenses page.

Eligibility Requirements for Staff

Subject to the availability of funds, some employees' moving expenses may be paid according to the eligibility requirements below. These requirements are taken from UC BFB-G-13: Policy and Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation for Managers & Senior Professionals (MSP) and Professional Support Staff (PSS) personnel.

Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) and Professional and Support Staff (PSS)

  • New staff: The new appointee must have been hired for a non-academic position that requires specialized training or experience of a technical, professional, or administrative nature. The new appointee must reside outside the commuting distance of the campus to which they have been appointed.
  • Transferring staff: Current UC employee who is required to transfer or accepts a position, including a position at the same or lower grade, at a campus that is at least 50 miles from their primary residence.
  • Appointee who voluntarily separates from the position prior to completing one year of service and does not accept a position within the UC system within 12 months from his or her initial date of appointment, may be required to pay back 100 percent of the moving and relocation expenses. This provision will be included in the offer letter of the appointee.

Senior Management Group (SMG)

  • New staff: The appointee must be a new hire and meet all specific determinative criteria.
  • Transferring staff: A current employee who accepts a new appointment, is being assigned to a new location, and meets all of the specific determinative criteria.
  • Determinative criteria are met when the appointee is:
    • Qualified for and has accepted and intends to fulfill his or her new appointment for at least one year from the date the appointment commences.
    • Showing active status in the payroll system prior to reimbursement of moving expenses.
    • Relocating her/her primary residence in order to accept the new appointment.
  • These requirements are taken from the University of California - Regents Policy 7710 for Senior Management Group (SMG).