Look Up Your CGA Accountant in KFS

Need assistance with your award, but don't know who to contact in Contracts & Grants Accounting? If you know the UC Fund Number for your award, you can easily look up the accountant responsible for your award in KFS.

Log into KFS as your normally would and then follow these instructions:

Step 1: Locate the Award Lookup

In the left-side menu, click the "Contracts and Grants" link. This will bring up a list of links. Under the Reference heading, find and click the "Award" link. 

Screenshot showing the location of the Award link in KFS

Step 2: Search for your Fund Number

The easiest way to find your award is to search for it using your five-digit UC Fund Number. After you've typed it in, click search at the bottom of the screen. 

Screenshot showing the field where you enter your UC Fund Number

Step 3: Find your CGA Accountant

The name of the CGA accountant for your award is listed in the "Primary Fund Manager" column of the search results. You can also click "view award" to see more details. 

Screenshot showing the location of Primary Fund Manager column