Grants Management News: New Collaborative Workgroup Established

Sent to all employees on the UCI Campus on April 19, 2017

A Message from the Office of Research, Office of Information Technology, and Accounting & Fiscal Services

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New Collaborative Workgroup Established to Improve Grants Management at UCI

We are pleased to announce a new multi-office effort to improve grants management at UCI. In February, the Office of Research, Accounting and Fiscal Services, and the Office of Information Technology established the Grants Management Workgroup (GMW), which is tasked with accelerating the creation of new tools and processes that will make managing grants easier and more efficient for UCI's faculty and the staff who support them. The GMW will coordinate and guide the collective efforts of these three offices with input and feedback from faculty and staff, as well as spearhead communications regarding new developments in grants management.

UCI scholars conduct essential research that promises to change our world and improve lives. Managing the grants that support these important research programs is a complex task due to the myriad of regulatory requirements with which UCI must comply. Therefore, it is essential that our researchers and their support staff have access to effective, easy-to-use tools and efficient processes for managing their grant awards.

This newsletter is part of the GMW's efforts to share the results of this collaboration, so please read on to learn more about how UCI is making it easier to manage grant awards.

Latest Developments in Grants Management

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New Tool for Principal Investigators:
Review the Finances of Active Awards and Projects

Principal Investigators are invited to try out the Award Balance Overview (ABO) report. With this new tool, PIs can quickly see the financial standing of all of their active awards and projects. The report, which is currently in beta, can also show you how much is being spent each month or breakdown expenses by category.

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Research Management System:
New Online Process for Requesting Animals

Campus research units can now request animals online through the Research Management System (RMS). This new feature was implemented in February as Phase 2 of the RMS project. Phase 1 of the project rolled out last year, moving formerly paper processes for compliance with IACUC oversight online. Phase 3 of the RMS project is planned this summer and will enable new features related to husbandry, animal care, and veterinary services. For more information on how to use RMS for Animal Ordering, visit the link below.

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KFS Payroll Certification System Now Live

The KFS Payroll Certification System was recently rolled out to the entire campus. Unlike the old paper-dependent payroll certification process, KFS-PCS is completely integrated with the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and Decision Support. It also adds benefits like the ability to preview and verify the accuracy of the certification, built-in document routing, and paperless electronic certification.

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Track the Setup of Awards with KC Negotiations

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is pleased to announce the Kuali Coeus (KC) Negotiations Module, which extends the transparency features of Kuali Coeus to award negotiation and setup. Principal Investigators and others can now use Kuali Coeus to see the negotiation and setup status of federal and non-federal contract and grant awards as well as who is responsible for completing any pending actions.

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C&G Accounting Launches New Website

The Contracts and Grants Accounting team recently relaunched their website with a new design and updated information, making it easier to find the accountant responsible for your award, locate up-to-date regulatory information, and access new features like the ABO Report and Payroll Certification.
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Research by the Numbers

$395 Million

Total research funding received by UCI in fiscal year 2015-16. An increase of about 35 percent over the previous fiscal year.

649 Proposals

The number of research proposals processed by UCI in the first quarter of the 2016-17 fiscal year. This is the first step in funding new research at UCI.

454 Awards

The total number of awards processed at UCI in the first quarter of the 2016-17 fiscal year. Each represents a funding source for UCI research.

2,232 Funds

The number of funds currently being managed by UCI. Each fund corresponds to a contract or grant that is financially supporting UCI research.


Contracts and Grants Accountants completed this many transactions last year. These transactions represent the actions we take to responsibly manage the research funding given to UCI.

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